Marriage Makes You Number One

Marriage Makes Both Equal

Successfully married people have learned the art of changing their priorities. Its kind of like taking a real good look at yourself and realize that love, when it’s the real thing, demands that each party must make each other the two most important people in there life. And this thinking applies to everything and all other persons that are in their area of influence. Yes your joining of hands and maybe children will seem easy at least until the ink dries on the commitment paper. Have you ever paid close attention to the word commitment? Sometimes that word could mean your entering a padded room or making a promise to hang in there. Either way both require effort and a clear understanding and whose who on the ladder of importance.


Imagine being married on the Titanic and making the cruise your honeymoon and because your rich you’ll bring along all your family members, friends and all other people you know. And eating at the Captains table every night, dancing, drinking champagne and conversing with some of the richest people in American. And you would be waited on, hand and foot and enjoyed all the things that money could buy. Then like the late night phone call passengers felt a momentary stirring in the vessel and that's when everyone learned how important they were, in the ship called the Titanic.

Pay Attention

The Captain of the ship in his eagerness to reach his destination over shadowed the need to take extra care to avoid the always dangerous ice bergs which didn’t always make there presence known by ridding high in the water. And also the Captain didn’t heed other ship communications telling of large icebergs in their area of travel.

Your Both on the Same Side

Then the impossible happened and the ship hit an iceberg and started filling up one section at a time. And slowly the boat lowered itself in the water. First you and the other first class passengers would be told what to do and where to proceed. Soon all people on the Titanic would be warned and told to gather on the main deck and wait for the opportunity to join others in the lifeboats.

Whose Important

Now this is one of those moments when all thinking finds the important people in their life and those most important will be seated in the life boat and you if you’re a man probably wont be able to join them.

It Takes Hurt to Help

It’s a sad thing, when it takes this kind of tragedy to awaken the knowledge of who is really important in your life and the level of importance they have.


No I don’t want anyone to experience this horror or anything close to it. But somehow we must all realize the importance of the people in our life and the status they hold on the ladder of importance in our life.

I Know Mine Do You?

And here’s my take on the priority ladder thing, I know the important people in my life and know who to side with, when shove comes to push. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Brent and MariLynn