Marriage Tolerates Low Levels of Comsumption

I Enjoy Wine Just Before Bed Time

I have always been a consumer of alcohol. In my early years beer was my favorite bottle. Today with changes in my body and the concerns about my health, my bottle choice is filled with wine. I still favor beer more, but my body finds it less desirable.

The Stool Was a Cooling Comfort

I consumed my first beer in my early teens and did experience side affects that I tried to avoid in the future. But even with the best of intentions I can remember at least two occasions when I hugged my toilet stool. It served my need at that moment of time it was cold, close to the ground, didn’t complain about my state of mind and silently accepted my words of repentance. Kind of sounds like a priest and stop complaining I’m an equal opportunity religious person. I believe that all religions are equal when the main theme is love. So don’t get mad I’m just having fun and the world needs more of that.

See the Value of Small Amounts

I think drinking is a good thing but should be consumed at the right time, place and with moderation in mind.

Drinking and Walking Sometime Go Hand in Hand

My wife and I have this younger acquaintance that is being consumed by the need to drink. One time he fell asleep in the car at a stop sign and with the motor running and the lights still on. An officer of the law knocked on the window and that’s what woke him up. He failed the walking test and spent the night in jail. And his short life on this earth is spotted with this kind of behavior. And the sad part is he has a great personality and when not drinking and is highly motivated to be a success in life. But the habit of drink is standing in his way.

Don't Let Drinking be Too Important

He was one step away from having a manager ship with a nationally known company but failed to show up to work too many times. Now he’s making his way by ridding his bike and working in the eating business.

Too Much Causes Bad Choices

He’s now trying to make a come back which involves a special lady, a baby and going back to college. His parents and people like us have dried to help, but now its up to him. His only option now is himself and I think he knows that. Sometimes desperation is the last step to finding yourself or falling off the cliff. I hope this young man doesn’t choose the cliff.

A lasting marriage only survives when both parties recognize that alcohol should be fun and not the thing you live for. Drink wisely and stay together.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by surfstyle