Moderation Makes Love Work Better

Everyone Was Required to View the Do List

I used to be a quality control inspector at a nuclear plant. The company that I worked for had about fifty people working for them at the time. When you entered are main office location there was a large cork bulletin board and everyone was required to read notices each day. And most stuff was required notices from the government or the company itself giving us boring do's and don’t on the job stuff.

A Need to Clean

But every once in awhile, personal stuff would get posted. On this particular day our immediate supervisor was planning a back yard party for all of his peasants. And like all good ass kissers we would all attend. But no one really wanted to attend. Now don’t get me wrong the boss was a nice guy and normally acted in a rational way. But there was one exception to this rule. Her unofficial name was the clean freak and she weekly inspected our work environment and created a to do list that filtered through her husband are boss to us peasants and was officially signed by him. Now we had a laborer person, that’s a union job title and that person or persons would take care of the cleaning etc. But the do list was never given to the laborers, because the union wouldn’t let them do that kind of stuff on the list, without a special work order request and that meant my company had to pay additional monies to have it taken care of. The Boss knew this, but still tried to appease his wife for reasons that weren’t clear to us.

His Wife Carried the Biggest Stick

But he didn’t have the cahonas to say no to his wife, so he unofficially passed this nonsense off to us. Like cleaning up are desk, patching are chair and fixing a can't hardly hear squeak in the door. Now I’m sure everyone considered saying no way ho say. But we all knew the dark side of the boss and that was the Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing. If we as a group didn’t make it happen, those personally responsible and he selected the slackers and they would receive assignments like climbing up a metal latter which went straight up and you'd be required to also pack up fifty or more pounds of equipment needed to do your inspection requirements. Under normal conditions you would be allowed to use the crane operator assistance and just hop a ride up like going in an elevator. But alas this option was unavailable when the boss was my Jekyll.

Job Security Motivated Our Behavior

So you can now understand why all the employees attended the Yard Parties and acted accordingly. She the do list creator would work through the party and played the part of General Patton at the battle of the Bulge. If you made a mess or screwed up something you dam well better fix it. No hardened veterans of the group would explain this process to a newbie because we wanted them to experience the apprentice program like we did. So when a newbie smoked and stepped on same in the lawn. Soon General Patton would discover this infraction and requested the name of the do er.

Moderation is a Better Approach

I realize this isn’t the norm in life but it does go to a point of thinking. Any behavior that interfers with the natural flow of good feelings from one another, should be discussed, modified and or just totally scraped, because harmony must be the primary objective of those couples wishing to avoid the pitfalls that lead to negative conclusions that only see one option on the horizon. So please for the sake your sanity and that of your family, take charge and make wellness the goal of your marriage. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by ilkerender