Stop Complaining

Why Be a Fault Finder

I met Samantha while enjoying a beer at a local eat and drink place. The bar was two story building and older then dirt. And it had a modest problem with critters of the roach variety but no one seemed to mind the occasional there one goes running across the mirrors behind the bar. The bar if measured in running feet was probably seventy-five feet in length. It was like a miniature train track set up and just followed the contour of the wall. When you walked in the front entrance door you had three-door opening choices right was the poolroom, straight ahead, eating area and left was the bar. When I first started going to the place I always entered stage left and jumped the first bar stool available. But little did I know that this area was affectionately referred to as the battlefield and like the name implied most confrontations of a physical and verbal nature occurred via one of the first twelve seating locations.

Working Together is Tough

Samantha and her forever boyfriend worked in the bar. He was a bartender, generally working the battlefield and she was a waitress. Both always seemed to be in the bar whether working or being a customer. They both also lived in there own room on the second floor, which was designated as a boarding room area. Each one of theses rooms included a mailbox, which was located in a row, and you observe them when entering via the front entrance.

She Was Always Finding Fault

Samantha was always finding fault with her boyfriend and she was like a dog hound on the scent of a fox. And her methods of communicating this default stuff varied from time to time. It was so routine and noticeable that regular patrons like I became used to it and in unison mimic like kids the words and gestures she would use. It was kind of like being at a major league baseball game and certain fans would boo at the same time. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Now remember she always-found fault and he rightly or wrongly was the guilty party. Here’s one or two examples I would like to share with you. Here’s set up one, he was sitting on the first seat close to the front entrance, she just walking out of the kitchen which was located at the back entrance of the bar. She in a loud voice shouted to a full house of patrons, where’s the tampons I asked you to get for me? All the regulars mimic her statement where’s the tampons I asked you to get for me? And then to make the point again every participating patron repeated same while exiting the bar by saying don’t forget the tampons Jake. And always the regular mimic again.

Where Were You Last Night?

Example two this time Jake was sitting at his regular stool and she walked by him and where were you last night? As usual he didn’t say a word. Those few patrons close to the encounter mimic the words loud enough for most regulars to hear the others lacking good hearing received the message via word of mouth. So whenever a regular left each walked by Jake and said where were you last night.

And Then the Floor Show Died

Then one day samantha didn’t show for work and was found deceased in her room. Jake was so devastated at her passing that he literally drank himself to death. And the bar never seemed to be the same every again. Its like they were the floor show and the show stopped being the main attraction.

Fault Finds Know Happy Place to Be

Finding fault with your mate seldom helps and always hurts both parties; the one complaining and the one receiving. So if love is your goal, stop complaining, because it’s ruining your presentation. That’s my feeling and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Elsie esq.