Thought or Gift?

What Really Counts the Thought or the Gift?

My Mothers best friend became my Aunt Evie and even today she’s still the greatest aunt in the world. My aunt’s father used to be the minister of education in Batista’s Government in Cuba and exited same when Castro took over.

She Married a Man That Could Make You a Deal You Couldn't Refuse

When she first became my aunt she was married to a tv station tech person and he had the personality of a dead fish. It was know surprise to me when she filed for divorce and snatched up a local God Father person. Now I drew this conclusion not from fact but from observations when I worked for him for a short period time right after, my first wife filled for divorce. There must have been something in the water that caused all this marriage changing stuff.

I Fixed Pin Ball Machines & Etc For Him

Her new husband lived in the best side of town and drove a bright shinny Cadillac. He had numerous businesses that involved vending machines, pool tables, pinball machines gambling activities. I think prostitution was also involved but I only skirted the edges of that activity. My primary job was to service the pool tables and the other stuff they rented out. I fixed and collected money from same all the time.

His Money Changed Her

Before my Aunt married him she was a down to earth person who pinched her pennies like the rest of us. But then the new influx of cash changed her behavior and she required the best of everything. Marsh her husband worshiped the ground she walked on and was prepared to spend his money to make her happy. But in the process he created a monster, which judged his love for her by the value of the gifts he gave her. And no matter what he brought for her she complained about how cheap he was being. In other words, if he really loved her, he’d spend more money on her. And the more he tried this thinking, the more she wanted.

He Died & The Money Dried Up

Then the whole process came to an end when he passed away and his will only left her a modest income from investments and the house she lived in. During this process of change my Aunt went thru a mental crash and recovered in a few months and returned back in time and became the wonderful person she was before.

It Really Is the Thought That Matters

The moral of the story is this. It’s not what you give that really matters, what matters is, the thought behind it. And if love’ is the behind thing, then guess what? Your one of the lucky ones, because you have all that life can give. That’s what I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Manamanah