An X Experience Can Help You

X Factor

If you have already acquired one or more of the X factors in your life then I’m sure you have already felt the uneasiness that vision conjures up in your mind, when you give it thought.

Xs Can Help or Hurt You

In the scheme of things you’re not alone. More people have Xs then don’t. So if you don’t have one now, stop grinning because statistics favor your having one or more in the future. So whether you do or don’t, we all need to understand this X factor and get more informed about it and learn the tricks of dodging the bullets of togetherness. Now I’m not Mr. know it all but I have felt the bullets and paid the price for not learning to bob and weave when there heading in my direction. Even 007 has felt the sting of outrageous misfortune by being in the wrong place at the right time and not learning from his experiences. But alas that’s what Xs are, pieces of experiences that are learning tools to creating a better future for ourselves and those close to us.

X-ing A Marriage Can Make You Feel Better in the Future

Today the new person that I am I view my first attempt at marriage as not as a failure, but rather an event to learn from and grow wiser because of it. Now during my first marriage and the subsequent divorce I acted in ways and did things I’m not exactly proud of the part I played, but that was then and this is now. Hindsight always brings more clarity then when it happened. But I have truly learned the don’t do’s and why waiting for the right person saves mountains of heartache and no one in the right mind needs to experience that kind of pain over and over again. Which begs the question? Why aren’t people learning enough stuff from there first failure to do it right the next time? Would it be fair to say there not paying attention to their mistakes and learning from them? Yes that would be a fair observation. So why don’t they? Here’s what the wisdom of my mind is telling me. I think are number one dysfunctional thinking is this. We find what are mind tells is the person for us. Then we slam and lock the door to our good thinking room. We do this because we want it to be so and refuse to discuss this decision with our mind. So with a closed mind and ear muffs on we forge ahead and make it all work by ignoring the truth by just believing in the crystal ball that only shows what we want to happen and not the truth.


Then the smell of mendacity fills our nostrils (the word mendacity is a notable thought from Burl Ives in the movie Cat on the Tin Roof) and for those who are not familiar with the saying, it means to lie or create a falsehood. In my usage I’m suggest we are not being honest with ourselves all the time.

An Open Mind is a Helpful Tool

Now on the subject of selecting and say will you marry me, I think not only should we open the door we better dam well open the windows too. Because according to the stats we need more oxygen to clear are thinking and make us realize that the only way to select a mate is by getting out of the box and viewing it for what it really is. And that means take off the shades to. Nothing in my humble option is going to impact on your life more negatively then having a closed mind when you chose your mate. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by oli23000