Lovers Don't Share Their Love with Others

True Love is Always Faithful

My computer is telling me that infidelity is an act of unfaithfulness or disloyalty, especially to a sexual partner. On this subject I have a hard time understanding how someone can profess their love and commitment to one and then do it with another. I don’t see it as a possibility in a genuine love relationship. I know how I feel about my wife and I would never under any circumstance allow that bond to be shared with anyone else.

He Violated the Love Rule

I know this person and he is affectionately called kissy face. And he frequent acts as a greeter for my Lodge and if allowed offers a slight lip contact with those ladies coming in, especially if they’re of the single persuasion. We have numerous ladies who have out lived their spouses and enjoy the affection his embraces give them. But alas kissy face has apparently done more then just being a greeter and this activity has gained him a divorce from his wife. I'm not standing in judgement I'm merely making an observation. I live and let live, how you chose to handle your life that's your responsibility and you'll get know flack for me on the subject.

Not Likely to Toe the Line

I think many couples join themselves in marriages, knowing well by there own observations and the stories of others that the soon to be mate is not likely to be a true believer and will from time to time lose their faith and fall from grace and break the agreement they signed with you. So don’t be indignant when it happens because we all know old habits are hard to break.

We All Have Motives & Some are Unfaithful

I know of what I speak but ignorance was my excuse what's yours. I married because I thought I was in love. And I'm sure my first wife felt the same way. But in hindsight I think we both had an agenda which got confused with the love thing and both seemed to be the same. I wanted a family all my life and that was my love agenda.

To Know the Real Thing is the Right Thing

Maybe fidelity would play less of a part if we the people would first find out for ourselves what true love really is and then make decisions on that new understanding. That’s my feeling and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill

photo by ansik