Marriage is an Equal Opportunity Occupation

Ladies Are Demanding Their Equalness

I think this is more of a problem today then ever before in the history of the human race. Today many women see their opportunities just as important as their spouse. And I see and view men and women as equals in every sense of the word. I see us first humans and then separate via the other stuff. Yes it's hard to be an equal opportunity spouse but that’s were career minded women are going and no man is going to stop that train from chugging on. From my Dads time till the present there have been huge changes in the relationship between husbands and wives. The change is requiring that both parties of a couple configuration to view all options available to them and then make decisions which always allows each the same opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Love Rules

And as long as the two goals never become more important then the goal of being together, then all inducements will be greeted with a common bond of understanding, that their love is exclusive only to them and them alone.

Your Togetherness is Numero Uno

Never allow your careers to be more important then togetherness. When you are with each other let that togetherness consume the space between you and always be touching hands or just be close to each other because that recharging process each needs to fill the time there away. It’s like driving an electric car; it only works when recharging is allowed. When your recharging with each other, always speak and arrange your next moment together and always place that moment on your calendar and treat it with the same importance you would give to the President of the United States.

Always Say I Love You

When something happens and it starts to fog your feelings pick up the phone and say I love you and the echo’s of those words are returned to you, then smile in the mirror and tell yourself what's the most important thing is in your life and that will be your spouse. I know this because every day while I’m away that’s what I do and it keeps my battery charged. That’s how I feel and that works for me.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by smile4camera