Marriage Should Never Lead to Giving Up Yourself

Attach Your Name But Never Forget Who You Are

Marriage is the joining of two people who have decided to live together as a couple and have common goals, like having children, enjoying each other and thousands of other things that you share an interest in. Now here’s an inside thought, nowhere in the agreement of understanding you signed should say that you have to give up being who you are. If it does or even slightly implies such madness make word adjustments and if that doesn’t meet your mates thinking, move on.

And Let Your Mate Be Them self

Marriage is a wonderful arrangement and should always allow each partner to remain who they are. Because after all that’s the person your in love with and why tinker with the most important person in your life. Now if this thought doesn’t work with you or your future mate, move on.

Move On if Individuality Doesn't Exist

Yes I realize moving on is admitting you’ve made a mistake. But isn’t it better to say now, rather then waiting until all the rooms are filled with furniture and children are sitting in the chairs. Why wait just move on.

Face Reality or Reality Will Be Your Faithful Friend

Remember Custers last stand? That happened because the white eyed general wasn’t facing reality and that was a fatal mistake for him and all his men. He should have just, moved on.

Is Your Ground Holding Up

We have one residential community in are vicinity that was unfortunately build on wetlands and that one mistake is a constant struggle for all those living there. Apparently greed motivated the inspectors to sign off on the permits and cash was a motivating force making the deal work. If your request for marriage is being built on sinking ground then move on.

Marriage is About Not Loosing Yourself

I apologize for being so redundant, but the point needed to be made. So one last time, if being you, is bothering your soon to be, then move on. That’s my feeling and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Bien Stephenson