Marry only for Love

She Wanted More then Love

I first met Jane at social event and her husband managed a small township adjacent to our home in Michigan, where we used to live. She had a hair saloon business and I understand she was very successful at it. She seemed to be genuinely in love with her husband but always acted like she wanted more in life then what she had. Then one day out of the blue according to her x, she moved out and filed for a divorce. Her husband played the man game and acted like it didn’t matter to him and started dating other people, but never seemed to settle with anyone. I think he was really hurting and would take her back in a heartbeat; if she would just waved the flag that said lets join hearts again. It never happened and life just slowly fell apart for him.

Money Was Now Her Goal

Then one day she found what see was looking for. He had the means to give her all the treasure that money could buy. He was a millionaire many times over and demonstrated his commitment to her by buying whatever she wanted. And soon the biggest rock in town was put on her finger and I dos made her dreams come through or so she thought.

She Talked Unkind About Her New Husband

They continued to live locally and until his younger daughter graduated and headed to Paris for further education. Till then she and I would pass each other in social gatherings and she always went out of her way to show off the new trappings in her life. And also she didn’t hesitate to share her intimacies with her new husband. I remember one such comment about her husband. He was a little older then her and because of this, apparently had less agility then she did. She frequently laughed about their sex life and how funny he acted getting on an off, during the course of sexual matting.

She Found Out Money Didn't Equal Love

But he too had an agenda and she was so into herself; she didn’t have a clue what was going to happen in her future. Her new husband wasn't nearly as stupid as he appeared and was aware of her fooling around and had other ideas about changing things about her and where they were ultimately going to live. First they visited Los Vegas and planned only to stay for the winter and return to Michigan during the summer time. Then he purchased a villa enclosed by a large wall and security patrolled the grounds. Then the horror of her husband’s obsessions became crystal clear to her. He was a control freak and even according to visitors to their new home, he was changing her life style. According to these visitors, she is now having surgeries to enlarge parts and slim others area, via her husbands demands and her dreams are changing and his dreams are gaining speed.

Love is the Answer, Everything Else is Fools Gold

Beware of what you dream for, because it may not be what you really want.

Don L. Terrill

photo by fyunkie