Returning Home Is Not the Answer

Parents Have An Agenda

It is human to share your thoughts, that’s what people do. And it’s a natural and normal thing to do. But sometimes this sharing process turns sour like milk in the refrigerator and the thoughts given are tainted with an agenda of a parent, whose not willing to let go of there parental responsibilities.

Its Hard to Stop Being A Parent

In the first stages of being married couples are still under the influence of those who created them or played a part in making each new married person who they are today. And if they did their part successfully they should be proud of their accomplishment and move on to new adventures. But letting go of their children is not an easy thing to do.

Newbies Need Distance Between Them and Their Parents

I sometimes wonder that maybe newly married persons might be well advised to leave the nest of there youth and wander to a far away place and start their new family. Away from the influences of those who raised them. Maybe having too many options is not a good thing at the start of a new partnership. When couples have challenges maybe they would better serve their own interest by solving there problems on there own; without seeking council from those who would eagerly open there door and give there old bedroom back to them. Going home should never be option one. Option one must always be, lets hang in there and see if understanding and cooperation can prevail; then clearer heads will win out.

Select the Right Course for You

Your parents have played their part, now you who have coupled up, must now find the path that works best for you. There is no right path for all people there are just paths and each must find the one that works of them. When you’re coupled up correctly your path will always lead to your home and not the one of your youth. Knowing the right path to use, is the first step in realizing that a successful path is always going forward, because that’s your path to your future.

Mother Loved Being a Mother

My parents especially my Mother found letting go a thing she didn’t want to do or maybe she did it so long; like all Mothers and she didn’t know how to stop, being a Mother and make the natural conversion to a Grand Mother. Like my Mother many Mothers find this change and new word a hard thing to swallow; maybe that’s why other words have been created to make the transition easier, like the word Nana. Nana yes that seems to work better, I know this because I’m a Papa and that works better for me. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by eNil