Both Must Pull the Wagon

Doing Clothes is a No Gender Thing

People that find harmony in their togetherness have learned the rules of engagement and do whatever is necessary to make things work for them. One such area is dealing with their own clothes and pitching in and helping with washing and the drying stuff.

Clean Clothes Promote a Good Marriage

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy the generosity of a salesperson who sold us our last car. He’s good at selling cars but has no desire or skills to deal with the clothes hamper stuff. The gathering was primarily focused in the garage and the adjacent back yard. But two kegs of beer drove all of us into the house for the releasing same. They have two full baths upstairs and one half bath downstairs. When I went in for run one I was directed up stairs since the lower bath was temporarily out of order. I was amazed to see so many piles of clothes everywhere. To use the one bath required climbing over two piles to relieve yourself and they didn’t seem to mind having us see their numerous pyramids There were even piles of clothes on the washer and dryer and each seemed to be loaded and you could observe this because they were front door loaded machines and both doors were open. I visualized them forging through the piles to find things to wear, rather then looking in draws and closets. I’m also puzzled on how he’s managed to dress so well, maybe he farms out most of his business wearing stuff.

It Wasn't Pretty

My wife also joined the group going to the bathroom and was taken back by what she observed. This couple have no children and I shutter to think what it would be like if they did. Now I don’t presume to criticize other people for the way they live; but this can’t be a positive thing for their relationship together.

A Problem Waiting to Happen

As the day progressed and the keg levels went down the conversations developed insight not previously brought to our attention. One person tripped over a pyramid and almost forced themselves down the stars headfirst. Only the hand railing which the party partly removed while falling saved his body from bouncing down the stairs. The party giving salesperson observed the incident and loudly admonished his wife for not taking care of the piles of clothes. His wife retaliated by implying it was his turn to do the wash. Either way, it, wasn’t a pretty sight to behold.

So Share the Load

On the surface this couple appear to be ok, but their care for their environment is making me doubt my first impression. They seem like nice people, but don’t fill me with confidence that there working in the right direction. There both doing great in there separate work related jobs, but don’t seem to be jelling well together. Being successful together requires working together and that’s not working here. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by j.simpson