A Lie Might Ruin Your Marriage

An Untruth Should Be Avoided at All Cost

A Lie is one simple statement of falsehood, which if left alone would only distort that one moment in time and then die like all things do. But a lie is not like all things and grows with the usage of time. When it is first spoken it is only the power of one, but soon the falsehood rears its ugly head like the lid of Dracula coffins and to keep the secret requires more nails in the lid or otherwise it will open and will find the breath of freedom and you the liar will have know place to hide. The first lie would have been easy to fix and a modest I’m sorry and why and you would be off the hook. But now you have reinforced the lie and that shows a conscious intention to keep it a secret at all costs. And you the liar have now created a person who will forever doubt the answers from your lips.

When You Lie Recant Immediately

So if you lie to the one you love, recant your words and throw yourself on the mercy of the court, which in this case is your spouse. Owning up to a falsehood right away is only one step away from telling the truth, your mate will be pleased with your correction and that will reinforce the faith they have in you.

A Falsehood Will Never Serve Its Master

My Mother God love her soul, who I miss everyday, allowed herself and only herself the option of using the white lie. Which was only used for good and never according to my Mother was it used for evil. Of course in my humble opinion one persons love is another persons evil. But Mother used it sparingly and did practice the skill of good thinking when using it. Even today I cannot fault her, she truly believed in the message she spread and coming from her, people felt they were given the truth and they felt better.

A Lie May Cause You To Sleep Alone

But the rest of us would be better served to practice the art of telling the truth, all the time. Now that may not make you the most popular person all the time, but it will keep you out of the dog house and you know how cold it is, in there. That’s my feeling and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by ktylerconk