Love & Reality Go Hand In Hand

A Clear & Open Mind Is Required

I think we all have feelings on how we view marriage and what we expect from it. Men and women view things differently and on this subject we both need to join hands and figure out jointly what are thoughts are of marriage and what we hope will happen when we really make the big step forward and attempt to beat the odds against us and having a happy life together.

Let Your Feelings Guide Your Steps

Maybe we would better serve our chances of success (whatever that is?) by limiting our expectations and just loving each other and let that be the driving force of our relationship together. After all were probably like most people and don’t really know what were about and that certainly doesn’t give us much insight in determining what are joining together might produce? And thus by not over planning are adventure, we won't limit our spontaneity.

Watch Others & Observe There Success

If people are looking for success then marriage is a bad gamble at best; so lets give other thoughts a try and see how that works out. Maybe a slower start will produce better results. I think joining hands would be better accomplished with less fan fair and total reality. Then that gives you a base by which to grow from. Of course it is true that starting at the front of the line does make things work faster, but is faster what you’re looking for? Maybe starting out in the back of the line gives us more perspective, knowledge and appreciation, rather then being first and ending up last and then feeling sorry for ourselves.

So Our Your Feelings Feeling Right?

Love is not a particular thing or place it is just a way of feeling. And how important are your feelings to you? Hopefully you have learned the value of life and your cup runith over with love.

First Find Love and Then Act On It

Marriage is a word like diet and both should be abolished from our language and from the ashes should grow a whole new idea. And that idea would be that we will have no idea until we start moving through the line and find out what coupling is all about and learning for ourselves the pros and cons of being together. And then if love and we are still holding hands when we reach the front of the line; then and only then will our coupleness find a place for us. That’s my feeling and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by tanjila