Marriage Requirers Laughter

A Good Sense of Humor Will Help

Marriage is a serious matter and because of that sometimes the humor of life takes a back seat when problems arrive. And we as a couple get so into the situation we loose are sense of humor at the very point when we should use it; to defuse the issue and keep things in proper perspective. I mean think of all the times when life was dealing you a bad hand and then someone broke the ice by injecting a thought or gesture that totally turned everyone into a uncontrolled frenzy of laughing, like the part of a court gesture? I’m sure you do and guess what, it was the right thing and it lightened the load that everyone was feeling at that moment. Sometimes life nags us with numerous problems and they all seem to be out of our reach of solving. But somehow laughter gives us new hope and ideas for solving our problems. Now sometimes the laughter changes nothing, but does for a time make you laugh and don’t forget laughing is contagious and that makes the medicine of laughter last longer.

He Laughed and So Can You

I remember reading a story of a person who was facing the hangman and asked if he had any last words to say. He said tell my wife I’m going to be late for dinner and supposedly there was a bit of silence and then the crowd roared with laughter. And he according to eyewitnesses smiled just before the mask covered his face. It didn’t stop his fate, but it probably did give him a moment of relief and that’s the true value of laughter.

A Laugh is Seldom Wrong

More then likely your concerns won’t be this serious and laughter will really help your situation. And even if it doesn’t last, it will give you more time to ponder your next more, without feeling the pressure of a rope around your neck.

Just Be Yourself

Most things in life are not a matter of life or death and that observation should always be pointed out so that couples will realize that many options are almost always available even though they may not be the chose you would choose under less difficult conditions. And here’s the most important thought to ponder, at least you still have yourselves and after all isn’t that, what really matters? That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by fatal Cleopatra