Divorce Is Sometimes the First Step to a Happy Marriage

Divorce, Learn and Then Find the Right Person

The facts of live are hard and a hard reality to over come. Years ago everyone did everything they could to avoid the stigma of being branded a divorce person. Now it’s a badge of courage like being a war hero, you got through it and it carries no shame today. Today with a few adjustments in the figures, one can easily conclude that divorces are in and happy togetherness is a far behind second and losing ground. I think were becoming a society that’s starting to see divorce as a one time educational thing and that gives the new divorces the experiences that will make them more user friendly the second time around. And when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. But lets slow up a little and lets view the pit falls of this kind of thinking. A divorce is a huge tragedy and leaves us with scars that sometimes never get healed before the grim reaper gives us a visit. And if that isn’t enough is also creates a vision of acceptability that’s telling our children its ok for them to do the same thing and then when the option of trying hard to make it work or just giving up and excepting the inevitable; we the next generation of divorces just take the easy path to the judge and look forward to our next togetherness with a new exit strategy that its easier to use every time.

No Divorce Till Learning is Achieved

There should be a law that says you can only bail and jump ship when both parties of the first part have proper counseling by numerous brains of enlightened thinking, that helps make them understand what real love and commitment mean to each other and then they must silently live with a couple who like themselves is still trying to work out the kinks in their first marriage. Close circuit tv could be useful here like Dr. Phil does sometimes. A picture is a great way to show the dos and don’ts of a faulty marriage and can easily show the right adjustments to make in finding the right road for you.

Learning From Our Mistakes Helps Us Be Winners the Next Time

We need to change our thinking and approach marriage as a want to win thing. It’s worth the effort and saves a large amount of pain trying to fix something that should have been avoided in the first place. So don’t take divorce for granted and fight with all your might to be a winner the first time. Because winners always win, even when they don’t.

Don L. Terrill

photo by billjacobus1