I Have Absolute Faith in My Wife

Our Love Gives Us Faith

The person I trust most in my life is the love of my life Linda, who just happens to be my wife. I'm sorry to inject a negative thought but most marriages can't make this same distinction. How wonderful it is to have one hundred percent faith in the person you marry. I know this for two reasons one my heart tells me it is so and my experiences being joined with her have shown this to be true.

She's Always Looking Out for My Welfare

For example I once had a noise bleed and had to be rushed to the hospital. While I was being attended to by the doctor and two nurses my wife never left my side and was always touching me. While the doctor tried numerous methods to stop my bleeding my blood pressure kept rising and my love witnessed that and was relentless in saying what about his blood pressure?
then he finally focused on what she was saying and administered some injection to bring it under control.

I Wasn't Afraid Because She Was There

All this time I was in and out of things but I always took comfort in the fact that I was in good hands and those hands belonged to the love of my life. The Doctor finally subdued the nose bleed and indicated that medication was in order to keep me in a slight degree of sleep. I remember my wife asking me what I wanted to have, I remember having morphine one time and how good I felt. The nurse got her signals crossed and was going to administer something else, my wife stepped in an insisted I get what I wanted because the doctor approved it. And it was so and I slept almost two days before they decided to get me up and remove the stuffing from my nose. And once again the person I trusted the most was at my side making sure things were well with me.

Do You Trust the One Your With?

So if you ask me who I trust that's a no brain er for me. She is my best friend and the love of my life. So If your looking for a winning mate pick the one that loves you and fills your heart with trust. That's how I feel and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by powerbooktrance