Nail Biting Bothers a Marriage

I Was a Chewer

When I was a young boy nail biting was part of my daily routine and I can’t recall anyone correcting me for it. I guess right then, in that time and space it wasn't a big issue. We my brother and I were being raised by our Mothers Father who was a retired railroad person. I don't recall him being unkind to us. So even though my memory is kind of blank in regard to him, I feel he was good to us and there wasn't much of that in our early years. I kind of remember his fragile figure and the slowness of his walk.

My First Marriage Cured My Nail Biting Habit

After working my way through my first attempt at marital bliss, I finally got this habit under control and my fingers showed a better side of me to the public.

Nerves and Nail Biting Go Together

There is a underlined reason for when people bite their nails and I'm inclined to believe it's a nervous habit and once I became a more calm person, the nail biting didn't fit in anymore. So when I see this behavior in others I wonder what irregular stuff is going on with them.

It Wasn't Socially Acceptable

My adopted Mother saw this behavior as a social issue and pushed hard to curb its use. To her it showed a bad side of yourself and didn't present yourself well to others. And because of her persistence and my calm newness, I kicked the habit.

Bit ting Implies Problems

People demonstrating this behavior are viewed rightly or wrongly as someone who is having problems and this is kind of their way to slowly work through that process of thinking. It truly is more of a habit then anything else and just needs attention applied to it and it will go away.

Calmness Helps Curb Nail Consumption

My calmness was my greatest tool in solving this habit. If you doing this, may I suggest you start practice a calmness routine and in time you'll start noticing your nails are longer and not doing the biting thing anymore. This small change will make a huge difference in your marriage and that feeling will make your feel better. So Calm down, save your nails and the new you will make a better marriage partner.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guy

photo by Lazy_Lightning