Shared Cards Need Both To OK to Use

Always Discuss Before Using

Is your having something more important then your togetherness? Using your card without sharing your thoughts with your spouse is a no no. Always focus on the thought that married people are one in the legal sense. When you purchase something you are not only obligating yourself, you are also committing your spouse to the deal to. And just maybe they would prefer you give them heads up before you do something. And their input may produce a better way to handle your desire for something.

Cards In Perpetual Motion

I have a compulsive buying neighbor, who if he isn't careful, is going to be on the journey of life by himself. He's a great person and has an overwhelming out look on life. He's always laughing, singing and dancing his way through life. And nothing bothers him. But and life always has buts. He can’t seem to stop making deals or buying things. And he never seems to talk to his wife before making changes or taking on new responsibilities. When he, his wife and two children moved into the neighborhood they had two cars and a push mower. Now their lawn is loaded with a number of different motor type devices. Now you can see a bass boat, ridding mower, late model truck to pull boat, two mini scooters and a very old stump grinding machine. And I'm sure I've missed some items.

Fix, Stop Using Card or Move

Since there only two houses from us it isn't hard to hear what's going on when voices are raised to a high level of volume. His wife finally snapped and placed all his personal items in the front yard and apparently changed the locks and didn't give him a key. He ended up walking up and down the street and was literally talking to himself. Finally I couldn't resist and asked him how things were going? He said his wife told him to sell all the stuff, replendish their bank account and then see their minister. And then maybe he would recieve the key to get on his side of the bed again. I left the following day to spend some thought provoking time with my eldest son for three weeks and am looking forward to finding out if all is well with the motor buying neighbor.

A Happy Marriage Requires Consultation

Marriage is a sharing process which allows both parties the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. Then a meeting of the minds happen and life moves on. When one member of the marriage works on their own, the couple thing falls apart and the ink that linked them together fades and the paper blows away. Making marriage a success is a joint venture. That's my feeling and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by moacirpdsp