A Winner Isn't Always A Winner

Its Better to Just Let It Slide

Sure you can be right all the time and in the process lose the thing your trying to hold on to; And that is having a loving caring person in your life. We all skirt the edges of saying things that are basically true, but we unknowingly alter the information were sharing; but our intentions are honorable and we mean no harm to anyone were talking to. Now you the listener may detect the slightly flawed stuff, but why point out something when it serves no useful purpose other then to lower your companions good feelings and this behavior will restrict their ease of talking. Then they will become conscious someone is censuring their words and their interpretation's. And then they will only share their thoughts when their one hundred percent correct on; what there going to share with you. And how does that promote good feelings in the relationship? It doesn't and when that day happens that's when the door of talking closes and the fire goes out and their thoughts find other ears that listen' rather then always being right, all the time.

Never Got a Hundred on My Paper

I used to work for a Housing Commission and one of it members retired and was replaced by a retired english teacher. Her intentions were to do a good job, but the teacher part of her mind wouldn't stop being a teacher and do the job she was appointed to. One of my duties was to create the agenda for commission meetings and the minutes of the previous meeting. And I never received an A for proper spelling. And here's an example of what I was cited for. There are two spellings for this word, probably and probable and between me and you me who gives a dam. But she never let a meeting go by without exerting her correctness on me and that forced to spend valuable time on spelling rather then other important things and we even talked about it and she didn't see he value of my thinking and just kept on being a teacher, rather then doing the job she was assigned to.

She Was Always Right But Failed the Course

So my grade to her is an F, for failing to get the point and thinking she was a winner when really she failed the course of doing her job right. So rather then being a winner, try standing mute and listen for a change.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by .A.A.