You Must Rule Your Emotions

Never Let Your Unwellness Drive

You never want to let your emotional issues be in charge of your life. I think all people experience ups and downs. And maybe it's only a problem when you let it run things and you take a back seat to what's going on. I think issues should be viewed as part of life and their normal occurrences that happen in the mind. We all have gobs of information in our mind and sometimes that stuff takes charge of our life and becomes bigger then life, because we let it happen. Now this may seem simplistic but view it for what it is and just keep living. I am a recovering emotional person and have come to the conclusion that I’ve got to learn to live, the way I am. I’ve done everything I can to defuse it and get it to leave me alone. But it's part of me and most of the time I just say that was then and this is now.

Things Are Always Changing

Life is like the weather is great one day and sucks the next. So what? That’s just the way life is and deal with it. Because until science or the mind tells us how to chase it away, it's here to stay and just see it for what it is and be glad you’re the driving force in your life and it isn’t. At this point in our evolution we have many choices and lifestyles to consider. Keep working at it and maybe a better path will be discovered by you and we will all benefit from your thinking. But until then, don’t be disappointed in how your feel sometimes, it’s just the way the minds works and go with the flow. Thinking about it and how it bugs you only gives it more power over you. Treat it like a bad neighbor and just ignore it. By not paying attention to it you are losing the hold it has over you, in time your mind will say it doesn’t matter to you and gives it less importance in the scheme of things.

Just Be Yourself

What matters in life is finding out who you are and then being that person because that is who you are. So don’t play a part just be yourself and that’s the best that you can be and that will greatly improve your marriage. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Cristiane Sousa