An Excellent Marriage is all About Love

My First Lip Touching

Susan was my first girl friend, we met in one of my Junior High Classes. The romance started with a note from one of her girl friends and the note said do you like Susan? I signed the note yes and the romance started. Two days later Susan passed a note to me and asked if I would walk her home? Once again I said yes. We talked in the hallway between classes and agreed to meet by the cannon; a weapon of the civil war. We met and I carried her books and walked her up to her front step and then gave her the books and she went in the house.

Invited Her to a Dance

Two weeks later I asked if she would join me for an early Saturday night dance which started at six and ended at eight. My dancing abilities was awkward, shaky and I was stiff as a board. Once again I walked her home and this time we held hands for the first time. We arrived at her home and the front porch light went on as we walked up the step. I could feel the presence of her parents looking at us. We both faced the door and then she turned and kiss me on the cheek, I blushed and she rushed in the house. That was my first dance and peck on the cheek.

Didn't Have Much Technique But Loved Being Close

Today I save all my dances for Linda the forever love of my life. I still can't dance very well but it doesn't seem to matter to us. Were just glad to be holding each other and felling those special feelings for each other.

Dancing At Wedding

The last dance we attended was at my wifes youngest sons wedding and a good time was had by all. I even danced with the bride and she was as pretty as any bride I have ever seen.

Our Fifth Grandchild

A while ago we celebrated the arrival of our fifth grand child and someday God willing he will share notes with his first girl friend and then they will walk to their first dance. And then time will pass and so will I, but dancing will live on after me. And so that is the part dancing plays in the scheme of things.

Dancing & Marriage go Well Together

So dance your way to a loving marriage and find those loving feelings for yourself. That's how I feel and I'm sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by davequ