A Good Appearance Helps a Partnership

Be With the Times

Watch people that you see everyday and view what they are wearing and from this you can observe what the current generation is wearing. No you don't want to give up being who you are, but its a great way to see what’s going on and how you might want to consider dressing like, using your own selection process.

Find a Friendly Store to Shop

Now find yourself a store that suits your feelings. A place were you can move at your own pace and you don’t feel rushed or anything like that. Now start the process of trying things on and then pick out things to take home. It’s also sometimes a good thing to have your spouse go with you or maybe or a Friend or perhaps another relative. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone give you input that will be honest with you and tell you when something is really off base and really isn’t working for you.

Wear at Home for Final Decision to Keep or Return

Take your selections home and remove all the tags, this will help the wearing experience work better for you. Then even take the stuff for a spin and then if it doesn’t work out return and get a refund. Also if the product doesn’t fit after washing or something like that return for a refund. Also after wearing for a few times you might detect a flaw you missed, return it; I’m convinced the store if up scale will rather have your business over a long period, rather then losing your business over one item of wear.

Being Current is Good

Now your keeping yourself updated’ your going to find that you feel better about yourself and take pride in how you look and that will go along way in improving the quality of your life. And if your like me your don’t have to go to the high price stores to accomplish your goals. This is not a plug but I personally enjoy going to Kohls. Everything works well there for me. I hardly ever have anyone working at the store bother me or are observing my behavior. But when I need someone there eager to help. And there return policy is only one question, is there something wrong with the product? And there always so kind with there words and hardly ever make you wait long at the check out locations.

Well Maintained Bathrooms Impress Me

Now this observation really works well for me. Their washrooms are always well maintained. I being a cancer survivor still have special needs and with more frequency and I really appreciate their washrooms.

Find the Deals

There also running specials all the time and will send you notices of these events if you wish. Also senior like myself get an extra deduction at the check out. So its a plus plus for me.

Keeping up to date is good for you and your feelings. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by jakeliefer