Hugs Are Good for You

Can't Hug Too Much

I'm constantly amazed how few married people we know who hug like we do. Now that I'm thinking of it, most of them don't even hug at all. And I think that's a telling sign of how things are going in their marriage. I'm puzzled by that observation and wonder why they don't?

Just Want Hugs and Works Like I Love You

When I retired I didn't anticipate all the free time I would have. I guess I thought that I would be happy not having to work anymore. I didn't realize how much time my job consumed in my life and didn't make a plan to fill up that empty space. So like many newbees to the I'm retired scene; I opted to work part time for a friend of mine who installed windows and had a side business selling products through their store and the internet. My friend was a super person. He provided well for his wife and himself and was well thought of by everyone that knew him. And he and his wife seemed to be happy with each other. But one day while waiting for him to get off the phone, I spent sometime talking to his wife. She shared a thought with me that really surprised me. She told me I wish my husband would talk to me like you talk to your wife. Your always saying loving things to each other and always hug when you see each other. She said her husband never hugs or tells her that he loves her.

He Cant Say I Love You

And she said no matter how I prompt him he just won't say the words. I told her that it was cristal clear to me how he felt about her by the way he treats her and never speaks badly of her. This question from her comes into my consciousness every once in awhile and I wonder why people have so much trouble sharing the words of love. I love loving my wife and wouldn't have it any other way. I wonder sometimes why we as a society aren't getting the point by failing to say what we think about someone and how special they are to us. Now I wasn't always this way. One day I woke up and just decided to make happiness my number one priority and I changed my life accordingly. Happiness became my best friend and unhappiness was avoided at all cost.

Share Love Its Good for You

After having the mind altering change I saw life for what it really was and became a loving person. That's how I managed to find the love of my life, because love openend my eyes and I've been seeing better every since.

Love Words Will Restart Your Partnership

If life isn't working for you? may I suggest you imbrace love and open your eyes and find the love of your life. That's how I feel and Im sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Meepocity