Marriage Is All About Family

The More the Better

My wife, I and Her immediate family bolted and ended up living in North Carolina. I came from a three family member configuration. That three for me has now extended to many more family members and I'm just giddy about the whole thing. It's great getting together and sharing the war stories of daily life and it's a huge upper to have Grand Children. Which my wife and I now have five and a new one is soon to arrive in late October. What a joy it is to be part of a family and have such closeness to each other.

Our Youngest is a Beautiful Girl

Our youngest is Brayden just three weeks old and already charming the pants off those around him. He likes the closeness of someone and settles down to just being calm. When hes kind of crankie all you have to do is just rest your hand next to his face and he finds comfort and drifts off into his little world, that's growing bigger everyday.

Families Look Out for Each Other

Family members find comfort in each other and through conversation find solutions that help them feel better about things in their life. People who aren't feeling this close togetherness are missing the basic therapy of life and that is the give and take getting together and being support for each other. Sure you can move to an island and find so lice but what's the joy in that.

They Declared Me One of Them

After crashing with my first marriage and found comfort so I thought will singleness of my life. I'm sure that was a way of trying to avoid making the same mistake the next time. During this span of time I met a girl who I dated a half dozen times. One time she asked if I would like to come to one of her family reunion and I not really thinking about it said yes. She hailed from a small suburb in the outskirts of Chicago. They the family members that sponsored the event estimated that over three hundred family members attended and it was held on a small farm. Banquet tables were everywhere and the food seemed to have no ending. Almost immediately people said hi and shook my hand and some even tried to figure out which branch of the family I belonged to.

I Enjoyed the Hugging

In a matter of one hour or less I officially became part of their family and even participated in the good hugs. It was an incredible high for me and I didn't even have to take something to get there.

Bonding With Family is a Good Things

So if your not doing it now, start tomorrow and bond with your family members. I'm sure like me, it will be a major plus for you.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Saadia Malik