Share Good Thoughts With Each Other

Just Takes A Nudge

Most people are eager to share their thoughts on subjects their interested in and getting the ball rolling only takes a nudge. So learning the art of nudging is good medicine for all couples that love each other and truly wish their spouse to be happy. And just think about it, it doesn’t cost a plug nickel to deliver the subject matter.

Good Talk Is Good

I love talking to my wife and enjoy the warmth I feel when she’s feeling good about herself. And I’m genuine about my interest in what she is saying, so the process ends up being good for both of us.

Share Wellness

Before shutting down for the day we always spend an hour or two watching and commenting about whats happening in the television world. During this process we often hit the pause button and discuss matters of interest to us. One thought I shared was I really enjoyed the way you marinated the chicken before cooking it on the grill and I was telling the truth. We probably spent fifteen minutes interacting that thought between each other and then paused ourselves back into the television presentation. And that’s how simple it is to share an enjoyable subject with each other.

Note On Mirror

The next day my wife left the house early while I slept in. My first activity in the morning is to brush my teeth and that’s when I noticed a note on my mirror that said I love you! Now that’s a great way to start the day. I smiled and left the note there to remind me to say thank you when my love got home.

Eyes Sparkle

We all have points of interest we enjoy talking about and bringing up the good stuff for each other is a great way promote good talk that always makes us feel good. You know you’re on point when you see the sparkle in their eyes and their tone of voice says I love talking about this.

So rather then just sharing idle conversation why not say the words that bring sun shine to the eyes of the person you love and in time the sun light will be returned to you.

Don L. Terrill

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