Being Rested Promotes a Good Marriage

Being Yourself Requires Sleep

It’s hard to be your best when your not getting enough sleep. And like most things there's a whole basket of problems that will influence your sleep. Lets explore some of the medical information that doctors have accumulated and see if there's a piece of information that might serve you well.

A Sleeping Place is for Sleeping Only

It appears that your sleeping environment plays a big part in creating the climate for better sleep experiences. First of all darkness is required so I have special coverings on the window that more then restrict the sunlight coming through. I have no tv or other distractions that would influence me adversely. Even what pictures I have are not thought provoking to me. I take nothing to bed with me that would trigger something for me to think about. So notes reminders and that stuff are a no no. The only light influence I have is from the clock which I turn and place a little towel over it to decrease the light reflection on the wall.

Were All Different and Why Shouldn't Our Sleeping Be the Same

I’m a little skeptical about the eight hour sleep requirement. First who arrived at this conclusion and how did they make that observation? Consequently I have developed my own thinking on the subject. I think it's an individual thing and should be customized to your thinking and not a general rule of thought. Before going to bed, I cat nap in the chair and between that and the bed six hours seems to be my need. And most of all I don't give it a thought. If I’m tired I will sleep. I think that's the responsibility of my body and it can make that best decision for me. And I’m of the opinion that forcing yourself to sleep borders on screwing up you natural body cycle. Many famous and successful people only take naps and that's how they survive. We humans are always trying to regulate things in the thinking it will better serve our life.

One of My Aids is a Little Wine

I am a wine drinking person. At night time I see the value of wine to help me relax and sleep better. Doctors don’t necessarily find this conclusion a good idea. But you know what it works for me and that’s what I will continue to do until a better thought comes along. Were all just different and that draws me to the conclusion that we will all require different situations in regard to this subject.

Find Your Path to Sleep

We should all stop listening to others and pay attention to ourselves and how we react to things and how things work for us. What works works and why try to change it to suit the teachings of those who don't know any more about the sleeping stuff then you do. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by 13bobby