Bad Language is a Marriage Killer

The Wrong Words Can Kill a Marriage

One time time while enjoying friends on our back patio, we couldn’t help but hear the confrontation between our back yard neighbor and his wife. He swore like a sailor, just in port for the weekend. If I talked to my wife like that, which I never would. If I did I would find my bags on the front porch and the locks would have been changed. I don't know why people act that way to people they supposedly love. I guess its bad enough in the privacy of your home but a real killer is in front of people you know. That really has to hurt right to the core of the person receiving it.

Learn and Don't Use Again

I personally don't spread those words and don't like to be in the company of those who do. One time I used the phrase you bellowed? and that bothered my wife, I don't know why and I don’t care; but I did learn a lesson and never used it again. Who knows what occurrences your spouse has experienced in their life and what’s influencing there behavior now. But I’m smart I learn what not to do and it only takes a moment of good thinking to avoid a possible unhealthy situation. It’s like we all kick a breaker off from time to time and it only takes a push of the switch to make things right. I love my life partner and enjoy what we have together. I know she makes adjustments for my oddities and isn't that what someone should do when they love you? If your partner or you aren’t extending those kinds of consideration for each other maybe talking to each other and assistance from those head thinkers might be in order.

Bad Words Are Saying I Don't Love You

We all have a dysfunctional moment and say disgusting words that we don't mean; but once said, there hard to let go of by the one receiving them. The best habit is to not use them know matter what situation you are currently in. If you use special words for when your with the boys or girls those unfortunate words have a tendency to enter the no trespassing zones. And yes you don't mean it, but its been received and the receiver has a hard time getting rid of it. It’s like you violate a special agreement you have with each other and sometimes that little stuff will be the one that breaks the camels back and you'll end up walking the street holding your own hand so to speak.

Be Smart & Avoid the Bad Words

It’s better to never use the words and that will eliminate one speed bump in the road. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by grenade