Don't Let Your Dreams Influence Your Relationship

I Didn't Like the Feeling

For years I had this same dream every once in awhile. At first it was hard to recreate when I was awake. But it's main theme had me kind of lost and I didn't know where to go. I was wondering around trying to find something or someone. And it was kind of scary when I woke up.

Our Dreams Influence Our Behavior

I especially didn't recognize the location of the dream no matter how I tried to remember in the morning. The fact that the dream was a little vague and the people didn't seem to be familiar made it even worse.

It Was Like Having A Monkey on My Back

I Finally decided to see a head doctor who was recommended to me by my family doctor. The doctor was from Ethiopia and was getting his training here with a doctor certified with all the right credential. He told me his name which I couldn't repeat and he suggested I call him Sam like his other patients did.

Sam Found the Dream in My Thinking

So Sam and I sat down and I talked about my life and then about this dream that's been bothering me since I could remember. I talked and he listened and every once in awhile he hit a nerve and sometimes tears came to my eyes and at my worse I couldn’t even talk. He would patiently wait while I recovered myself and then my journey of talking would continue.

My Dreams were a Desire to Be Loved and Wanted

After five meetings he said its my turn to talk and your turn to listen. He started with my childhood and finished talking in one half hour and he hit on all the hot points in my life. He said that the root of my problem was my childhood. He said you literally had no one to supervise you and give you the personal one and one that we all need to grown up and feel ok about ourselves. He told me I was trying to find my Mother and Father and because neither of them were available to me and I had no replacements I just wondered in my dreams and tried to find them.

That was Then and this is Now

He told me when I was young I had the understanding of a child and now I'm an adult and I can now handle the situation better because I'm older and wiser to what went on. He said lets talk about it in depth at our next meeting. When did and in simple terms he said that was then and this is now. You did then the best that you could with the ability of understanding you had. He says now your older and you can process the stuff easier and then move on with your life. We had two more meetings and we talked thru everything and the dreams have never come back.

Bad Dreams Will Hurt Your Marriage

Dr Sam who I would highly recommend is now back home in his country of origin and Ill bet he's helping everyone he can. Thanks Dr. Sam I am forever grateful for your insight into my life and thanks again for fixing my dream. If your having situations in your life, find a doctor that works for you and talk till the problem and solution is discovered.That's how I feel and sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Michael (mx5tx)