Love Is the Secret to a loving Marriage

So What Are You Attracting?

Yesterday I viewed a DVD which you can acquire by going to TheSecret.Com. Its put together by a gathering of successful people who have the dreams and wants of there life by understanding and using a very simple method. The believe that we are all connected to the natural force of the Universe which like the Genie in the bottle will produce what ever you need and want. Imagine for a moment that you found the Genies container and you rubbed it and the Genie appeared and said your wish is my command. And imagine that you can wish forever and whatever you want will come true. These successful people believe that the universe works like the Genie does. If you think in a certain way that’s the way things will materialize in your life. So your life will be determined by what you are thinking. There thinking refers to the power of attraction. In others words you attract to yourself by what your thinking. If a headache is on your mind then more then likely your going to get it and so the theory goes. You attract what you think. So hows your thinking going?

Love is Real So Dream On

I see my marriage as my greatest accomplishment and the wisest thing I have ever done in my life. Finding the right person for me has been a mind altering experience. I get up and go to bed with one simple thought on my mind and that is, that I’m the luckiest person in the world. Every day is brand new day again and what I feel for her seems to show a new level of understanding and appreciation for each other.

Believe in Love & Love Will Find You

If your still looking for the love of your life, maybe a new way of thinking will help you make the connection. Keep the word love in your current thinking and then pay attention to how you feel when your around people. When love finds love there's an incredible feeling of good that occurs and then you'll know what Im talking about. But and there is always a but, bad thinking interferes with this love connection, so if your in that state of mind that the love stuff will not work for you. So if your thinking bad thinking like Im never going to find the right person for me. This is bad thinking. Just once in awhile think of the word love and it will attract love to you. When you get that over whelming feeling you’ve never felt before. Stop pay attention to whose in your company and just talk. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by krisdecurtis