Matching Rings Require Faith

Love Rules My Thinking

I personally don't have a particular religion that I connect with. But I do have faith and my faith is a belief in love. For me God is love, so I live by love. One day while walking around a small lake that was incorporated into huge total park area. Which included rental paddle boats, swings, slides, benches and picnic tables. And there is a walk way all around the lake. And its measured by certain markings that tell you how far you have walked. During one of these walks early in the morning and it was a beautiful day. I asked God what I needed to do to get in heaven? Out of my mouth came six thoughts.

1. Love is God
2. Be yourself
3. Be open minded
4. Believe all things are possible
5. Seek knowledge
6. Share knowledge

This Really Happened Believe It or Not

When I asked God the question what do I need to do to get into Heaven? For a time I just was amazed how instantly the words left my mouth without even thinking about it. And when I said it, I didn’t really think it was a message from the Holly Ghost; but as time progressed I started to believe that I made a connection by asking the question and the message was passed thru me via my voice.

These Words Guide Me

Then I came to my senses and just figured it was a good guess on my part and that was that. Then as the months passed I started to think this is a good way to live and even if it isn't real it sure sounds like a good way to live your life.

Thoughts That Came to Me

So I started to think about the words and then visions of understanding came to me and I started to understand how the after life really worked. Apparently if my visions are correct love is the means by which we transfer to our life after death. If you live a life of a loving person and you believe that God is love; the love will sustain you when you die and you will be delivered to a new location in the universe where love prevails and so will you as long as you believe in love. According to my visions love saturates everything in the universe, so when you stop breathing and you believe in love you will continue to exist. You will still have your same form, but one huge thing will be different. Now you will have the knowledge of the universe and know everything that is knowable. And you will instantly understand the part you play and all that you can now do. You will have the ability to any where in the blink of an eye.

You Can Live the Life You Want

How you chose to live will be entirely up to you. For example you could create your friends and family and the would be as real as you; or you could join others like yourself and live that way. Yes you are now God like but there is one condition you must always met to remain in your present state of being. Should you for any reason decide to change your thinking about love and start to plot a way to be the number one God. When you start developing these thoughts you will start drifting away from love and remember love is what sustains you. If you persist on taking this path your abilities as a God person will start to stop working and you will slowly experience your body fading and in a short time you will no longer exist and fade away. This is the universes way of protecting its self and never letting anyone to use evil as a way of living.

Faith Helps Connect Souls

I think till time ends, there will always be talk about religion and how it really works. But I'm sure we can all agree on this, that Religion plays a huge part in bringing Lovers together and that's a Good Thing.

This concludes what my visions showed me. Whether its true or false you be the judge of that. I think it is a good way to live and that’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Jeff Belmonte