There are Three Components In a Marriage

He, Her and the Marriage

Have you ever noticed that he and her are the same by adding or removing a letter in either word? It’s kind of like they could be each other if they wanted to be. Maybe that means they’re different but equal?

Of course their equal and marriage means the He & Her are the Marriage. But is the marriage equal to the other two family members? The answer of course is yes.

So how’s the marriage member working in your marriage? No quick answer? Then maybe you’d be well advised to get busy and make it so, before I want out, knocks on the door.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Stand close to each other and then imagine yourself a team called the marriage. Your job should you accept it (like in Mission Impossible) will to first and for most pledge your un dying love to each other and never allow that bridge to be dismantled until death reaches one or both of you.

During your reign of love you will always remind yourself of the three components that make your marriage work. And like breathing every day you will hug, kiss and constantly show affection to each other.

If you cant make and keep the pledge then love is not the magic you feel for each other and getting married will not give you a marriage partner equal to he and her in a true marriage relationship.

It has been my observation that love finds couples when love becomes important to them. Maybe just maybe love is made by two hearts that learn the true value of love. So extend the hand of love to the one your with and see if that love returns their love back to you.

Maybe Love Creates Love?

Maybe I’m just blowing smoke and place too much faith in love? No I’m sure I’m dead wrong about many things but this thought is not one of them. I say this because the day I put my faith in love was the day that love embraced me and has never stop holding me since.

So all other approaches to life have left you still wanting maybe putting your faith in love will give you the kind of love that makes my life the best that it can be.

Today candidates are seeking my vote and I vote for love.

Don L. Terrill

photo by kumon