Touching Creates A Warmer Marriage

Touching is Required in a Good Marriage

A good marriage always involves the touching of each other. Why? Because that’s the way people say your special to me.

Touching Should be a Natural Part of your Daily Routine.

Today before starting to write this article I sat in my favorite recliner and noted on a piece of paper how many times I normally touch my wife in a days time. I counted to twenty and decided that was enough proof to prove my theory.

Now I don’t know the circumstances of your upbringing. Me I was short of a Mother & Father for the better part of my growing years. So I didn’t have the learning skills and knowledge about hugging & etc.

My Sons Taught Me the Art of Hugging

My first marriage gave me two sons and they taught me the true art of hugging and being hugged. We did a lot of that hugging watching creature features on tv. This show came on Saturday nights. We all sat in the same chair and when the mummy rose up out of the coffin my sons hugged me even more.

Hugs also provide good feelings when there remembered. I’m sure like me you have your special remembering that involved touching and its makes you feel good when the thought crosses your mind.

Is your marriage partner special to you? And would you like to be hugged more? If your response is yes then may I suggest a change in your routine? Go to your spouse; hold their hand for a moment and then just smile. Then just continue what you normally do. Later maybe stand in front of them and then just hug them, smile and then resume what you were doing.

Now I’m know rocket scientist but Ill bet this new you will change how your spouse responds to you. And then maybe you’ll find yourselves sitting on the sofa and watching your special program while enjoying the warmth of being close to each other. Sounds like a better marriage to me.

Don L. Terrill

Picture by kalandrakas (on vacation)