Only Stay for Love

My God Would Have said Walk Away

Sharon is one of my family members and right up front I will tell you she’s a marvelous person who thru thick and thin refused to let go of her failing marriage. And according to other family members and my own observations kicking this person to the curb would have been a fair and balanced thing to do. Why? Because he drank, played around and showered his children with everything but love. But Sharon is still clinging to her faith and refuses to leave because God says let him stay.

Now I’m know all knowing God person but my God would have silently shared the words with her that said let go and just walk away and don’t look back.

We Must Learn to Think for Ourselves

I sometimes think we humans give up all our control to the God thinking and then forget that God gave us the ability to think on our own and make sound decisions on what our thinking tells us. And I’m absolutely sure that God wants us to be in meaningful relationship that involves giving and sharing love between each other.

So If I were Sharon’s mind I would with absolute clarity proclaim my marriage over and pack his belongings in suitable boxes, change the locks and call the police to advise them that he might be a problem in the future because she know longer wants him living with her.

God Wants You to be Happy

So if your marriage resembles this kind of relationship you might want to consider making changes and let one of those changes be finding a more suitable partner to share your life with. From my humble perspective God wants all of us to have and hold a special person that makes our heart race when they’re near us. Any God program that promotes other wise is totally false and should be immediately disposed of in the nearest trash receptacle.

Don L. Terrill

photo by Drawings Of Light - Paul