Marriage is a Binding Contract

Marriage is a Legal Contract

Marriage is a contract between two people that binds them in a legal way that is determined by the state that your are married in. And even thought you may make verbal commitments to each other those words are not part of the legal document you will sign after all the words are spoken and agreed to. And people get married for all kinds of reasons and most of them in my thinking are for other reasons other then for being in love. Now don't jump to conclusions and think this is shallow thinking on my part and I don't know what Im talking about. Well guess what I do and Im going to now explain my thinking on this subject. True love for most people is something they have never experienced or viewed via some other couple. And the reason for this is because true love would require God like powers and that thinking isn't available on earth at least not yet. So the best that we can do is, is to do our best and hope for the best. But be sincere to yourself about how you feel and that will go along way in making your marriage a good and wonderful thing to be part of.

When You Say I Do Mean It

So when you say or hear I do remember there just words and not a promise from God that all will be well with you. If you and your spouse survive it will be because you want it to and you put all your effort to it.

The Marriage Contract Never Changes But You Will & Thats Good

The marriage document will not change but you will and thats the trick to a happy life together. Always change something that doesn't work to something that does. There's a billion ways to do one thing. If something isn't working find something else that will and then take pride in being so smart and watch others never changing and always being on the edge of falling off the cliff. You will find cliffs everywhere in life and thru your entire life. But don,t worry about it because that is the way life is. Just become a person who realizes that life will always show up with issues and then you have the choice to do something or just let it be and see what happens. I personally find the best choice is to give the issues a great deal out of the box thinking and then just wait for your mind to find the answer and as of today that process of doing is working great for me. That doing nothing stuff leaves too many things to chance and chance sucks when its not working for you. Figure things out in advance and then act according. You'll find that process will serve you well. If it doesn't you can always jump ship and find someone else and then start the process over again with a new person and that will probably cause more problems then it will solve.

Starting Over Isn't Always the Answer

I am of the opinion after many years of experience that working with what you have is a better choice then going back to ground zero. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by kumon