Keep Them Covered If Cold

Cold Feet have Socks on When Sleeping

We all have oddities when it comes to our body and knowing that give us many opportunities to cooperate with our mate and make adjustments that will work out better for both parties. Now I realize that having cold feet is not of your choosing and if you could fix it you would. But heres the deal, when cold feet are pressed against your mate it frequently wakes them up and then its hard for them to find their slumber again. So put some socks on and the problem is solved and your mate will appreciate your concern for their sleep.

Clean Feet Produce less Odor

The bedroom for some reason poses more problems for most couples and figuring out solutions goes along way in making the togetherness work better. Now I’m not Mr. No it all but I can tell you with absolute certainty that showering just before you go to bed will make your togetherness work one hundred percent better. As the day progresses we all produce odors that cling to us and usually don’t interfere with the collection device called our nose. But other noses take a deep dislike to this odor and would rather have it removed so that they could sleep without being annoyed by it. And Im sure you have noticed that smelling good generally receives a favorable response from your love mate and if all conditions are in place favorable interaction may come into play and that produces chemicals that help the maters sleep better. Either way good hygiene is better then sleeping in the barn if you get my drift.

Darkness is Good for Sleeping

Also darkness is a great aid in helping people get to sleep. So putting proper coverings on the window is extremely important. I like over kill in my bedroom. First I have the old pull down roll shade, then I use window blinds and I used the ones that resist the outside light best. Then I use drapes to completely cover the window opening.

Bedrooms Should be Neutral Places

We have no pictures on the walls, or books around and certainly no notes for future things to do. There is nothing in our bedroom that reminds us of anything. We think of our bedroom as a neutral place where sleep and happiness exist. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Marriage Guru

photo by Mayr


Happiness Should Be Your Number 1 Goal

Everyone Deserves Happiness

You know that many people have rotten childhoods and then that defines them for the rest of their life. We develop these unhappy feelings and keep feeding them everyday like having a fire and just continue to add fuel to it. Unhappiness just totally consumes our life and we become what we feel and we think its our fault and only have small moments in time when happiness finds us napping and for that short period of time we smell the aroma of wellness. But its like a stranger in the night and while your sleeping and having bad dreams, it walks away and leaves you to your lonely life.

Don't Feed Off Each Other

And even when you find someone to share your thoughts with they too have their own unhappiness and then you feed off each other and the madness even gets worse. Yet both of you see others being happy and you wish for what they have, but wishing alone wont make it happen.

Decide for Happiness and that will Lead to Love

If this is you, whether your single or married happiness and love are yours for the asking. What you must do is to decide that happiness and love is your number one priority. So here's the first thing you want to do. Get a single note book like the kids use in school and write this on the first page in big letter (Love and Happiness is my number one priority) Now on a regular basis look at the paper and repeat the words and thru the day say the words in your head to yourself. So your mind will get the message on what you want to happen in your life and it will start helping you achieve your goal.

Stay Alive

Sometimes we get so into ourselves that we miss the whole point of being alive. Being alive should be a wonderful adventure and shouldn't be taken so seriously; Like its a matter of life or death. Life should be lived and we should always be doing new things and meeting new people. Get your childhood back and start having fun with everything you do and stop worrying about everything. And above all things become a people person. Talk to everyone, youl be amazed the opportunities that will come to you when you become a people person. Become a helping person and smile at everyone. Love and happiness from you will be like a breath of fresh air to everyone you meet.

Live Love and not Doom

The Ruler of the Universe grants everyone the joy of love and happiness. And no one can take it from you. If you have people in your life and they spread the word that doom and gloom is just around the corner. Walk away and find another corner to stand by because their one hundred percent wrong and you don't need the bad vibes their sending out.

Love and happiness is like the air its free and everyone deserves the joy it brings. That's how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

Don L. Terrill
The Love Guru

photo by Mayr