Becoming What Your Soul Mate Needs

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Becoming What Your Soul Mate Needs

By Kris & Anita Rossow

Our desire to search out our soul mate is connected to our core needs. Marriage offers acceptance, value and belonging - it is the ultimate connection with your soul mate, two become one, the most intimate form of companionship.

We need to remember that while many of us search for our soul mate, making careful lists of the desired qualities that we are looking for in the right person, they are also searching for us. The question to ask is: Are we becoming what they need us to be?

In my journey to find my soul mate I had a lot of lessons to learn about myself before I was ready to join him for our journey through life together. I didn’t feel like I had much to learn at the time but in hindsight I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I had not experienced the things I did. They prepared me to live life wholeheartedly with another person. The sacrifice and commitment of a relationship requires preparation of character.

If I didn’t spend time journeying on my own for a season and discovering who I was, I would have put unnecessary pressure on my marriage and our relationship. When you join with another person in a serious relationship that is based on faithfulness and commitment there are significant changes to adjust to-this is only hindered when you have not dealt with your personal issues prior to coming together. I discovered that singleness is a great season that should be celebrated -it’s not a time of ‘waiting’ but a time of ‘preparing’ for what is to come.

My preparation included; Realizing who I was as a single person, Better understanding my personality, Recognizing that I had poor self esteem and no confidence, Discovering how my family of origin affected me, Understanding my primary love language, Dealing with unforgiveness, Learning how to deal with conflict in relationships, Becoming emotionally stable and standing on my own two feet, Learning to budget, The list goes on and on….I had a lot to learn!

As you continue to read, this book will offer suggestions on how you can become the person that your soul mate is searching for. Sometimes we forget that it’s more about us becoming who we need to be in order to be attractive to them. Life is a journey with lots of lessons to learn, allow yourself to be challenged as you read this book and put into practice some of the suggestions - who knows Mr or Mrs Right could be just around the corner!

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