The Real Problem Behind a Sexless Marriage

Photo By: Kaufik Anril

The Real Problem Behind a Sexless Marriage
By Kate Dixon and Dean Mason

According to marriage statistics, there are more than 40 million people living in sexless relationships in the US alone! In fact, most marriages seem to hit the rock of platonic love at some time or the other. There are many causes for this.

When you are living with a person for a long period of time, repetitiveness and boredom set in. This could be one reason why sex starts happening once a week, then once a month, and then once every quarter.

For some couples, sex dies with the birth of children. Some women experience sensory overload because of the demands of their little ones. Hormones have a role to play in it too. Or it could be that at the end of the day she is too tired to think of sex. Unfortunately, problems become real when her emotional and physical lethargy continues even after the children have grown up some.

Many couples say that the root cause of their sexless marriage is the lack of time. You are both working and you come home dead beat. You do lots of things together, but sex is not one of them.

Sometimes, it is easy to take sex and your partner for granted when you can have both on demand! In fact, many couples complain that their super-steamy sex cooled off after marriage.

Residual resentment, ego clashes, misunderstandings and extramarital relationships may also lead to the lack of intimacy in marriage.

In a nutshell, sexless marriages just do not happen overnight. There is often a root cause that keeps rubbing at your insides for a long time until it leads to the breakdown of intimacy. So, it is wrong to believe that the lack of sex is the cause of marital breakdown. In fact, lack of sex is just a symptom of deeper, unresolved problems from the past.

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