My Jealousy...na na na na

By State Library and Archives of Florida

Sometimes married couples or even single but monogamous couples surprise me at their issues with being jealous of celebrities. A few weeks ago, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tony Danza both announced plans to leave their wives. I announced to my family "this is fate, now I must make a choice" they laughed. I meant I have to make a choice between Tony Danza and Billy Ray.....HELLO, this means I would be leaving my family for one of these 2 men. And that's funny??? Well, of course it was meant to be funny.

Even if I chose Tony or Billy Ray......like they would choose me!

But I remember working with a gal when I was in my mid-twenties and she was about the same age, she was so jealous of Vanna White. She admitted she and her husband would have a fight if she found him watching "Wheel of Fortune". In retaliation he was jealous of Jon Bon Jovi. Seriously!!

I love my husband dearly and of course I don't want him to appear to want another woman more than me. I would be devastated. But if he likes to watch one of the cute anchor girls on MSNBC, am I mad? No! He still loves me and he will be on his side of the bed tonight. What else do I need? Forget the stupid rules and concentrate on what is real and really important. It isn't celebrities or news anchors, it's that sweetheart that sleeps in your bed each night. Kiss him for me, will ya???